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About Be Change

Be Change is a non-profit organization that is securing an equal education for inner-city children. With efforts focused on one of Sacramento's most roughest neighborhoods and Oak Ridge Elementary School, Founder Jason Harper is creative and compassionate in his approach. Addressing the four systemic causes for poverty, Harper and his team have built a stable platform that is assisting in raising the academic performance of every child.

"Whether urban or suburban, every child deserves and equal education," Harper stated. "Growing up in poverty can directly effect whether or not a child gets a great education. We are removing every barrier, from health care to hunger, that may prevent a child from optimal academic performance."

Be Change has created four significant initiatives that are helping children live a more healthy life. Harper's experience has taught him that low performance in school can be traced to four key areas; access to health and dental care, emotional wellness, fitness and nutrition, and literacy. Be Change counters those condition with resource and people-power.